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Mama Body Tea

Fertility Tea

Fertility Tea

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    It’s time Mama ;) Get those herbs to the sheets (actually - maybe have them before the big fun). This is the go-to tea for mamas looking to conceive. A hormone-balancing blend of chaste berry, dongqai root and raspberry leaf joins a powerhouse of herbs that invite healthy hormone balance.

    • MIN + VIT RICH

    Drink me: Preconception

    Step-by-step instructions

    Step 1 Grab your fav cup
    Step 2 Fill with 1 pyramid tea bag
    Step 3 Add 250ml near boiling water
    Step 4 Infuse the goodness for 10 min
    Step 5 Remove tea bag and dive in!

    Ingredients: Organic Raspberry Leaf, Chasteberry, Dong Quai Root, Shativari Root, Tulsi, Skullcap

    Mama love
    Formulated by our naturopath and herbalist and made from the highest quality organic herbs.

    No nasties
    Biodegradable tea-bags
    Caffeine free, vegan friendly, no additives or sugars

    Not be be consumed in conjunction with IVF.

    *This product is a herbal tea. If you are pregnant, nursing and have any concerns please consult your health care practitioner before taking this tea.

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