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As a first time mum I went to the cockburn store to have a maternity bra properly fitted, the lady there was so lovely and knowledgeable, was a great experience and was very happy with my purchase!

Tegan A


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Why Room For Two?

Room For Two strives to offer comfortable and supportive maternity and nursing wear without compromising on style.

We source quality outfits from reputable brands, always looking for clothing made with natural materials where possible, making them a breathable, affordable and eco friendly option – to last you through the entire pregnancy, nursing and even the next pregnancy/being past on.

Maternity and nursing wear does NOT have to look daggy or be a waste of money!

Even through all this COVID-19 stuff Lene has been fantastic to shop with. I purchased items online and collected and the entire experience was easy and smooth. I cannot wait for her store to re-open to check out all her products.

April C


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