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Baby 3D Print Frame

Baby 3D Print Frame

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Capture your baby girl or baby boy’s tiny handprints or footprints and cherish them year after year with this 3D babyprint frame by Pearhead.

To create this keepsake simply place aluminum foil (not included) on a flat surface, knead the impression material for 2-3 minutes, roll the impression material until smooth and flat, wet baby’s skin and press into impression material.
Allow impression to dry for 24-72 hours
Mix casting powder with 150 grams of room temperature water until creamy, carefully fill impression with casting mixture and tap the mold several times to ensure the mixture has no lumps or air bubbles.
Allow mixture to dry for 10 hours.
Gently remove the cast from impression material, use tape to adhere casts onto mat and carefully attach backing to frame when finished.

You will be left with a detailed and unique cast of your little ones tiny hands or feet.

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