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Milk and Nourish

Breastfeeding Supplements

Breastfeeding Supplements

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Breastfeeding Supplements  - when you would like to avoid cookies but would love the boosting ingredients.


Puffed rice, brewer's yeast and flax seeds in a vegetable gum capsule. They are gluten free

These Breastfeeding Supplements Mummy Boosters are easy to take anywhere, anytime. Each booster contains puffed rice, brewers yeast and flaxseed in a vegetable gum capsule. All made for a breastfeeding Mum without the added sugar.

1 pouch = 100 milk boosters. One pouch may last 16-25 days depending how many you take.

Most Mums take 4-6 boosters a day

Support local

The Breastfeeding Supplements Mummy Boosters are made right here in Perth in a certified kitchen by Milk and Nourish, a company consisting of 2 passionate women. Buying this brand you are supporting local, Australian made and women in business.

Ideal for the new or longtime nursing mum who needs a bit of extra help, because life sometimes gets a bit stressful which can in turn lower supplies.

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