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Harmony Ball Necklace Fleur

Harmony Ball Necklace Fleur

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This bonding maternity necklace is inspired by the sacred geometric shape of the Flower of Life, a powerful symbol of creation and growth.
In the Mayan culture, it was worn by expectant mothers to keep them safe during pregnancy. Afterwards, it was used to calm the newborn baby with its soothing chime.

Classic and chic necklace to deepen your bond with baby & style your bump during pregnancy.

  • Soft and round chiming pendant on a long shiny silk cord.
  • The chime will deepen your bond with baby and support relaxation. The necklace comes with a guide of mindfulness exercises for pregnancy.

Every mother has a strong connection with their children, even before they are born. You will be able to feel them moving and will have an unbreakable bond that you will cherish from day one. The Fleur Harmony Pregnancy Necklace supports the strengthening of the bond with your baby during pregnancy with a beautiful chiming pendant.

A beautiful harmony ball on a silk cord that rolls over your belly with your movements. The soft vibration of the chime creates an aura of calm and peace for your baby. Once baby is born, the delicate sound of the chime will reassure her by recalling the comfort and security that she felt in the womb. You can then place the pendant inside the comforter (purchased separately)

How to use

  • When should I start wearing my necklace? 
    You can start wearing your maternity necklace from the first trimester. From the 5th month of pregnancy your baby will start to hear the melody of the pendant.
  • What benefits does Pregnancy Necklace bring? 
    It will help you connect with baby during the day as the soft melody reminds you of the miracle growing inside you. At night you can perform mindfulness exercises to relax and connect further.
  • What do I do with my Maternity Jewellery once baby is born? 
    You can securely sew the chiming pendant into a specially made giraffe comforter or simply hang the necklace over the change table. The melody will reassure baby and remind him of his time inside the womb.

Composition of this Pregnancy Jewellery

  • Pendant: Pendant in 18 carat gold plated brass or silver plated brass
  • Cord: fair trade silk.


  • Pendant diameter: 22 mm.
  • Cord length: 1100 mm.

Made in France


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