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Pregnancy & C-Section 3-in-1 Belly Band

Pregnancy & C-Section 3-in-1 Belly Band

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Belly Bands have been designed and created by mothers for mothers.

The Original 3-in-1 Belly Band offers a natural and effective solution for treating painful pregnancy symptoms, limits abdominal muscle separation, and assisting postpartum recovery.

Proudly manufactured in Australia, which allows us to provide quality products and offer a custom-made service for all size body shapes.

Belly Band is a registered TGA medical device and can be claimed on many private health funds.

✚  Recommended by Physiotherapists for:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Sacroiliac Pelvic Pain (Spd)
  • Abdominal Muscle Separation (Diastasis)
  • Severe Stretch Marks
  • Twins or Multiple Pregnancies
  • Post-partum Binding
  • Umbilical Pregnancy Hernia
  • C-section Wound Recovery
  • Exercise & Core support

As most women will need support at some or all stages of their maternity journey, the 3-in-1 Belly Band has become a favourite choice for mums-to-be. With the one band performing the role of three different maternity bands:

1. Pregnancy Support Belt: Treat pelvic girdle (SPD), lower back pain, Diastasis Recti, and lessen the risk of Herniation and severe stretch marks as your tummy grows. (Ideal when carrying twins.)

2. C-section Surgical Binder:  Medical studies have shown that binding the tummy post-surgery, can significantly reduce pain and reduce wound tearing, and makes walking easier. Allowing you to have both hands free to take care of your new baby.

3. Postpartum Wrap: Binding the tummy following childbirth, provides support to the abdominal wall, internal organs, pelvis, spine, and treats abdominal muscle separation. Binding straight after birth is also known to assist the speed at which the post-baby tummy trims down.


When choosing a Belly Band, simply use your current clothing size as a guide. Do adjust for weight gain when ordering early in pregnancy.

Note: 3-in-1 Belly Band is 18cm wide.

Band Lengths: Petite: 100 cm | Standard: 125 cm | Large: 140 cm

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