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SRC Pregnancy Shorts Mini OTB

SRC Pregnancy Shorts Mini OTB

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Can’t stand for longer than 2 minutes?
Having difficulty just walking around the house?
Dealing with increased pressure and heaviness in your groin?
Not to mention all of the stuff that no one warned you about like - low back pain, sciatic nerve pain, pelvic pain (SIJ, Symphysis Pubis pain) or vulval and varicose veins of the upper thigh.
Designed with anti-chafing fabric and in consultation with an obstetrician for the ultimate in comfort and functionality, SRC Pregnancy Shorts - Mini Over the Bump are specifically designed to help you get back to enjoying your pregnancy

For this garment to fit properly, measurements must be taken. It is recommended that you have someone measure you to avoid mis-measurements. We offer this in store as well.

See how to measure. Use the chart to find your size.

How do pregnancy compression shorts work?
SRC Pregnancy Shorts Mini provide stability to the pelvic muscles as they offer gentle support and compression to the entire pelvic area. The targeted compression in the shorts improves pelvic stability and encourages greater core stability.

Why do HCP’s advocate using SRC pregnancy shorts?
SRC Pregnancy Shorts have been designed in consultation with a leading Melbourne obstetrician Dr. Grant Saffer. Targeted support panels fit perfectly with your natural curves and deliver consistent gentle medical grade compression at 4-15mmHg. The garment provides superior support without any feeling of restriction.
The three layers of compression within the anatomical panels including the gusset panel have been shown to significantly help with the pressure associated with Vulval veins.
The unique fabrics that SRC Compression Garments have been made from are incredibly comfortable and fully breathable. All fabrics go through rigorous independent testing so that our customer is provided with the highest quality.  Our anatomic panels deliver true cross compression as each layer with the panel is cut on a different plane.
Your product maybe claimable through your Health Fund.

Sleep better in SRC shorts
Feel supported and stable as you sleep. Wake feeling refreshed by minimizing the effect of pelvic pain.

Varicose veins*?
*Please note: SRC Pregnancy leggings have a gentle level of graduated compression in the legs. These are suitable for women with mild varicose veins or swelling. This product will not provide enough compression for moderate or severe varicose veins of the legs. Women often complain that wearing a grade 2 or 3 compression stocking for long periods can be difficult due to them becoming hot and tight. The SRC Leggings were designed with a specific level of compression so that women can wear their compression stockings under the SRC Leggings for a number of hours during the day. Once the compression stockings have been removed the SRC Leggings will continue to provide mild graduated compression so the benefit of having worn the stockings is not lost.

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