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UpSpring C-Panty C-Section Recovery Underwear - High Waist

UpSpring C-Panty C-Section Recovery Underwear - High Waist

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UpSpring C-panty is the only patented c-section underwear that provides everything needed to support postpartum recovery by a c-section mom and a medical team.

1. Built-in silicone panel: 100% medical grade silicone; minimises scarring and itchiness; reduces the chance of infection.

2. Comfortable compression: supports weakened abdominal muscles, with a high waist design for full abdominal coverage.

3. No uncomfortable binding: no hooks, straps, or Velcro, so nothing will irritate your incision area.

Sizing guide:

Pant Size 6-12= C-Panty S/M 
Pant Size 14-20= C-Panty L/XL 
Pant Size 18-24= C-Panty 1X/2X

When to Wear

Once your incision has closed
(about 7-10 days after C-section ), you can start wearing C-Panty to speed up your recovery.

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