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DermaGen Propolis Balm 50g

DermaGen Propolis Balm 50g

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  • About Propolis Balm
  • The ultimate go-to for every skin concern!

    This versatile balm is perfect for both home and travel use, ensuring that you're always ready for any situation that may come your way.

    Whether it's a scraped knee, an insect bite, or dry, chapped hands from climate or weather changes, our Propolis Balm has got you covered.

    This Propolis Balm is packed with benefits that address various skin concerns.

    • Mild Eczema or Dermatitis
    • Mild Psoriasis
    • Acne
    • Sun-damaged skin
    • Sensitive, or irritated skin
    • Nappy or drool rash
    • Grazes, cuts, blisters and minor burns
    • Facial Cold Sores

    It works to assist to decrease, reduce, and relieve symptoms of mild, superficial skin fungal infections while soothing and relieving skin inflammation.

    With its multi-purpose benefits and natural ingredients, you can trust that this Propolis Balm is gentle yet effective on your skin.

    Unlike other skincare products, our balm is free from alcohol and preservatives, making it safe for open, broken, or sensitive skin without causing any stinging or irritation.

    For those with more irritated or broken skin, balms and oil serums are the best option as they don't contain any preservatives, acids or alcohol that can sting or irritate sensitive skin. In addition, if the affected area is wet or oozing, or on the diaper area, a layer of Zinc Oxide cream such as Sudocream can be added for added protection.

    To enhance the calming and hydrating benefits of our Propolis Balm, you can apply a few drops of the  Active Serum 8, which has a higher concentration of Manuka Oil and other calming and soothing oils. This will help soothe and hydrate your skin, leaving it looking and feeling healthy.

    If you are allergic to pollen, we recommend using Dermagen's Manuka Oil Balm or Active 8 Serum instead.

    Introducing Hero Ingredients:

    Propolis is a natural substance made by honeybees by collecting resinous substances from plants, buds, and plant exudates, mixing it with their saliva and beeswax. This unique mixture contains a powerful blend of flavonones, flavones, low phenolic acids, and their esters that offer a range of benefits for your skin.

    Propolis Balm contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties, making it an excellent option to prevent and combat infections. It's also anti-inflammatory, which means it can reduce redness and swelling, making it ideal for individuals with sensitive or inflamed skin.

    The natural properties of propolis can provide your skin with various benefits, including protection from infection and inflammation, reducing pain and redness, promoting skin regeneration, and fighting off environmental stressors.

    Manuka Oil is a natural ingredient that provides many benefits for the skin. Its high antioxidant levels repair, renew and regenerate the skin, improving the appearance of old acne scars or new open sores.

    It is especially useful in healing sores or broken skin caused by eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. These skin conditions cause irritation, sensitivity, dryness, itchiness, peeling, or broken skin, which Manuka Oil helps to heal.

    Full Ingredients:

    Olive Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Manuka Oil (Leptospermum Scoparium), Calendula Extract, Micronised Propolis, Lemon Eucalyptus Oil, Vit E.


    Apply twice a day on to affected area.

    Can cover with a clean dressing if required.

    For symptoms of moderate to severe eczema or dermatitis:

    Tubifast dressing can be highly beneficial to help increase absorption, minimise scratching and product getting rubbed off to clothes or sheets.

    Best used with a Tubifast dressing if the area is quite significant, as the Tubifast dressing is light, breathable, re-usable and helps to prevent the child from scratching and the product is absorbed better (rather than rubbing off on clothing or bedding).

    For larger surface areas or areas like the face, body or limbs, the Manuka Oil Cream would be better as it comes in a bigger volume and spreads easily.

    Store in a cool place below 30C.


    Seek medical attention if symptoms do not improve. For active cases of skin infection, please see a Dr for topical or oral anti-biotics as these products are not a replacement for prescription medications.

  • 1 Clean skin with the  Liquid Soap & Shampoo.

    2. Apply the Propolis Balm to the affected area Apply twice a day to the affected area.

    You can apply 2-3 drops of the Active 8 Serum for an extra boost of hydration and healing.

    Best used with a Tubifast dressing if the area is quite significant, as the Tubifast dressing is light, breathable, reusable and helps to prevent the child from scratching and the product is absorbed better (rather than rubbing off on clothing or bedding).

    3. Seal in the oils with the Manuka Oil Cream all over the body if skin is still dry. Apply twice a day for best results.

    For more irritated or areas with broken skin from scratching, the balms are still the best. If the affected area is wet or oozing, or on the diaper area, you can also add a layer of Zinc Oxide cream
    such as Sudocream.

    • Please consult your health care practitioner if symptoms do not improve. Test patch before use and discontinue if allergic reaction occurs.

    Olive Oil


    Shea Butter

    Manuka Oil ( Leptospermum Scoparium)

    Calendula Extract

    Micronised Propolis

    Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

    Vitamin E

    Not tested on animals.

    Contains pollen which may
    cause an allergic reaction.

    Test patch before use or use the Manuka Oil Balm instead if unsure.


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